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that's what's micking news in america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." have a wonderful >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> later this morning sentencing scheduled for a former culpeper police officer convicted in the shooting death of an unarmed woman. >> we have a crash on the outer loop involving a fire truck. we will have details on that from jamee whitten coming up. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, january 30. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. rise and shine. we will get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. another warm day. >> unbelievable. we reached 69 degrees yesterday. we will get to near the same today. that will come to an end very soon. we're in the 50's now.
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54 in d.c., 59 at dulles, 67 in gaithersburg. you hardly need a jacket this morning. i want to show you the right are. this is going to be in a big weather maker approaching tonight. this will bring evening and overnight showers and thunderstorms. if you of those could be strong. the day will be good with lots of cloudy skies. 64 degrees by noon, 68 degrees by 5:00. we will see a tube frontal showers late this afternoon and this evening before the big show later tonight. more details on that and much cooler seven-day forecast. from the belfort furniture weather center, now 2 jamee. >> problems on the maryland beltway. here's the latest. a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer, a fire truck and an suv on the beltway just south of 50 the john hanson
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highway, prince george's county. the maryland side had been shut down for most of the time, but now one lane is getting by slowly intermittently. on the right side, nobody's getting by so they're stopping traffic from time to time. this is south of 50 on the beltway. near landover, or delays begin at 202. southbound from college park, approaching the scene of the crash, that's where those delays begin. if you're coming through the envelope or inner loop, and it will take you some extra time for the accident. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to the scene with brianne carter on the ground at the accident location with the latest on what's happening. there are some injuries. >> this is a very active scene behind me. it is very involved.
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as you just heard, this will mean major traffic tieups. one lane on each side is able to get around. they are diverting traffic. this will be a major back up in the morning rush hour. a tractor-trailer accidents involving a fire truck. seven people have been injured as a result of this. authorities tell us a majority of those are firefighters that and been taken to hospital for treatment. major backups and tieups will happen as a result of this in the morning rush-hour. one lane on either side is currently able to get by. officials have been here for over an hour and they expect to be on the scene for quite some time as they continue to work the scene and to clean up as well. we understand our seven people injured as a result of the accident involving a tractor- trailer and a fire truck. we will devin update in about a half-hour. back to you. >> thank you.
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we will be checking back with you for more details. new this morning for the first time south korea has successfully launched a rocket in its third attempt to push a satellite into space from its own soil. two other recent launch attempts were boarded at the last minute due to technical problems. this is weeks after north korea successfully launched its own satellite and said the move angered many countries because they believe is a test for missile technology. sentencing said four former culpeper police officer convicted in the shooting death of an arm armed woman. daniel harmon-wright shot and killed patricia cook nearly a year ago. autria godfrey has more. -- an unarmed woman. >> daniel harmon-wright was led out of court by officers. >> justice has been served. >> it was the 2012 death of 54-
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year-old patricia cook. prosecutors painted daniel harmon-wright as more aggressive when he responded to call of a suspicious car in a church parking lot. he tried to claim that she tried to drive away with his arm stuck in the window. it was ruled that it was not self-defense. >> you heard him say he would do the exact same thing over again. it is important to reinforce the message that that is the wrong attitude. >> many in culpeper agree, although they admit they did not expect a guilty verdict. greg "icarly will probably just get fired. >> from the beginning i just felt it did not need to happen. >> that sentiment shared by cook's brother. he said losing a sister had been heartbreaking enough but in during the testimony was devastating. >> a lot of things in the trial
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or detestable. not being able to speak freely about that was pretty difficult. >> abc 7 news reporting. the anne arundel county council will hold emergency meetings today to assess aremoving john leopold from office after he was convicted of misconduct. he did not say much after a judge found him guilty of using his police detail to push up campaign signs and compiled files of political rivals. he was found guilty of using a county employee to change his urinary catheter bag. they could vote monday on a bill to remove him from office. five out of seven would have to vote for this. >> the debate over guns, a senate judiciary committee will be appearing today on gun violence. among witnesses, former astronaut mark kelly. he and his wife gabrielle giffords are pushing for increased controls.
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they recently started an organization called americans for responsible solutions. the head of the nra testified today. >> maryland governor martin o'malley will deliver his state of the state speech today. it is scheduled for noon, before the general assembly in annapolis. the speech includes a new feature. maryland residents will be able to submit questions through the internet and through twitter. we have a link on our web site, >> 4:37, the 58 degrees. am i reading this right? >> that's great. still to come, ray lewis addressing harsh allegations as he prepares for the superbowl.
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>> welcome back on this wednesday morning. taking a live look at the capitol dome. you can almost feel it is warmer out there. it is fantastic. it is a balmy morning. >> really? >> this is beautiful. >> it feels great. >> for the end of january. >> yesterday afternoon, sunshine and 70 degrees, not much to complain about. equally as warm today, but with
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a few more clouds. the wind will start to pick up as a cold front approaches from the west. by this afternoon, a few showers will be developing. late-night we will see some of thunderstorms. a few of those could be strong and possibly severe. we will see a quick end to the mild temperatures with a cooler week ahead. let's show you where we are starting this morning. it is incredibly mild, temperatures in the 50's for the most part across the region. 49 in quantico, to 54 in manassas, 59 at dulles, 54 degrees at reagan national. mostly cloudy and breezy today showers developing late. high temperature in the upper 60's to low 70's. now we need traffic information with some problems from jamee. >> the beltway in maryland, a serious crash happened after 4:00. brianne carter is at the scene. we will keep you updated all
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morning. a terrible incident. there was a fire truck in prince george's county responding to a crash on the beltway. as it was leaving the accident is when the incident occurred involving the fire truck a tractor-trailer, and an suv. a horrific scene. 17 people were transported. four of them were firefighters. it's not life-threatening. they have not given me the status of the other three that were transported. on the beltway south of 50 between 202 and 50, one lane gets you buy in each direction. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. it's 58 degrees. >> massachusetts senator john kerry just confirmed as secretary of state. already we are getting names of possible senate
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>> the maryland house committee will hold a hearing today on a bill to address concerns about who is liable for a dog attack injuries. it was prompted by maryland court of appeals ruling last year which declared purebred pit bulls to be dangerous meaning dog owners and landlords could be held responsible for injuries. the legislation increases protections for dog bite victims but will not impose strict liability on dog owners or landlords. a new bill aimed at fighting
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several smugglers will be introduced in maryland today. if the measure passes, first- time offenders will face a $150 fine per carton. offenders will get a fine of $300 per carton. >> a 4 year old boy was taken to the hospital after he was hit by a car in greenbelt. newschopper 7 over the scene on breezewood drive. driverless car stated the scene. investigators have not said any more about the boy's condition or whether any charges might be filed. >> around montgomery county, investigators urging women in germantown to be on alert. they're searching for the man seen in this composite sketch. police believe is responsible for tens steps in the past. he forced his way into cars to get what he could find at first period in several recent cases he has attacked or threatened women getting in or out of their cars. >> massachusetts senator john kerry becoming the next secretary of state. senate approved his nomination
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on tuesday with an overwhelming vote 94-3. he will succeed hillary clinton. he will leave his senate post on friday. meantime, massachusetts democratic congressman stephen lynch expected to announce today he will run for john kerry's senate seat. he's fairly conservative and will face ed markey, a liberal democrat. the primary will take place on april 30. the republican side, there's talk that scott brown may run for john kerry's seat as well. a special election will be held in june. >> transportation secretary ray lahood says he will leave his post as soon as his successor is confirmed. he's one of two republicans deserve and president obama's cabinet. he is credited with addressing pilot fatigue, curbing distracted driving, and improving the safety of roads and bridges. senate is expected to confirm a successor in the next two months. >> president obama says now is
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the time to fix the nation's broken immigration system. he laid out a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants during a visit at las vegas high school. some republicans say they want to tighten border several before addressing citizenship issues -- to tighten border controls. d.c. officials will be educating drivers about the dangers of making returns across pennsylvania avenue biplanes. >> that runs from third street to 15th street nw. it's illegal to make a u-turn even when cyclists are not present. there's a $100 fine. police officials and a representatives from the d.c. taxicab commission will handout informational fliers and will issue tickets to violators. you would think that football would be the hot topic during media day for super bowl xlvii. >> ravens linebacker ray lewis had to address deer antler
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spray. britt mchenry explains. >> ray lewis will dominate the headlines for a good reason. his last time playing in his 17- year career. the report came out and he tried to obtain deer antler velvet extract, which is banned in the nfl, to speed up his tricep recovered this season. >> that was a 2-year-old story that you want me to refresh. i would not give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches for my moment. so i won't even speak about it. i've been in this business 17 years, and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i've ever took in the nfl - there's never been a question of if i ever even thought about using anything. so to even entertain stupidity like that.
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tell him to try to go get a story out of someone else. >> and the capitals lost a heartbreaker in ottawa 3-2. and continue to watch our coverage of the super bowl all week. have a great day. >> we do have a team of reporters in new orleans for the super bowl. look for live reports from john gonzalez. he will be here in the next hour. some troops serving overseas will get a taste of home this super bowl sunday. >> a great story. 21,000 chicago style pizzas are going to go to soldiers in afghanistan and kuwait. employees from dhl express in chicago loaded up the boxes of ready to make pizzas on tuesday. organizers working with the military to make sure it is delivered fresh. >> that's great. it will be welcomed taste of home. several parts of the country are
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on storm watch right now. this is a look at photographs of damage in east texas where heavy been clipped over traders and ripped roofs off buildings. at least one person was taken to hospital with minor injuries. as we look at the weather here, totally opposite situation. you broke out the sleeveless today, jacqui. >> i did, but it's still winter material. even though there's a reverse right now of the nasty weather in texas, the storm system is headed this way. we could have nasty weather tonight. this prediction center put us in the slight risk category that some of the storms tonight could be severe. we are starting out very mild and comfortable. 54 degrees right now at reagan national, 59 at dulles, 57 in gaithersburg, 45 in frederick. incredible a mild start overall. here's where the cold front is. it's all the way in the mississippi river valley and along this whole line there are
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tornado watches in effect. we have had only three reports of damage overall. no fatalities. it is taking its time getting to our neighborhood. we could get a few showers developing by mid afternoon ahead of the main front. futurecast as a good handle on that showing this afternoon you can see spotty showers. and the main line moves through tonight through the early morning. and then we will be drying out before you wake up tomorrow. your forecast for today looks like this. it will be mostly cloudy breezy, high near 70 degrees with a chance of showers by 5:00. the main show likely between 8:00 p.m. and midnight tonight. more details in a few minutes. first, traffic. >> thank you. the maryland the beltway, prince george's county, beltway between route 50 and 202. a terrible crash two hours ago.
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one lane of the beltway getting by in each direction to the right. expect this to be here for some time. accident investigation will be under way with several people transported. there's a lot going on. a tractor-trailer on its side. a fire truck. and an suv. avoid this stretch of the beltway. the right side is getting by interaction. put it into perspective, south of 50 is where the activity takes place. one lane getting by to the right. expect that to be quite slow all morning. heading through town will be an option for you. back to you. >> thank you. looks like the whole east side of the beltway is something to avoid. 4:53, 58 degrees. cracks coming up next, which celebrity couple is calling it quits. >> and on "katie" today, a star- studded episode. what brought mary j. blige and
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angela bassett together. and michael bolton reveals a story behind cutting his hair. that'
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> abc is proud to report barbara walters is out of the hospital and recovering from chicken pox and home. the network said the 83-year-old tv host is resting comfortably getting stronger each day. it's not clear whether she will return to work. she was hospitalized after
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falling and cutting her head of tax and inaugural party in the district two weeks ago. she was later diagnosed with chickenpox. after 11 years of marriage, we have learned actress ashley judd is calling it quits with your husband, a formula one racer. >> the couple said the decision to divorce his usual and that they will always be family. they married in december of 2001 at a castle in scotland after a two engagement. 4:57, 58 degrees now. >> still ahead, future kennedy center honorees should prepare for a new look for the performing arts venue.
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